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Auctions are available across the United States each week with thousands of cars sold. Even if you do not find the vehicle that you hoped for, you may find one better!

Complete List of Public Auctions

Find the closest auction to you with the most comprehensive list of all physical auctions open to the public across the country.


Huge Collection of Vehicles

Thousands of new vehicles added weekly from police, IRS, DEA, FBI, US Treasury seizures & Government retired vehicles.


The Biggest Savings

Vehicles are put up to auction at 90% off book value, with bids starting at only $100.

Government Auctions are Conducted Regularly Across The State of Missouri

It is common practice for the government’s different agencies (FBI, IRS, etc.) to seize and sell the property of individuals who are not paying for the vehicles or who are evading taxes. These vehicles are repossessed and put up for auction in order to recover costs.

Using the right technique and having an eye for a good deal, it is possible for anyone to purchase vehicles for a fraction of the original price. All the vehicles that come up to auction will be listed at 90% off of book value.

The government will auction off any vehicle in their fleet that will no longer be used in order to save on maintenance costs. While these vehicles may not be as exciting as their repossessed counterparts, they are very well maintained and are generally safer vehicles.

Compared to buying from a used dealer lot or leasing, purchasing a vehicle at a Missouri Auto Auction will save you the hassle of future monthly car payments and overpaying for a vehicles true value.

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Advantages of Local Missouri Auto Auctions

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Thousands of New Cars Added Weekly

Police Seized Vehicles
Repossessed Vehicles
IRS, DEA, FBI, US Treasury Vehicles
Luxury Cars, SUVs, Trucks
Gov't Surplus Property

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Public Auctions
Bids Starting at $100
Up To 90% Off Book Value
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Thank you so much! Certainly the best customer service I've had in a while. Happy with the way you guys worked with me.
Lori S. (Grand Prairie, TX)
Great customer service and info. I would not have had the confidence to bid without your help. I will buy my next car at auction too.
Patrick C. (Hialeah, FL)
I thought car auctions were only for dealers and I saved more than I expected. Thanks for showing me how to do it.
Rachel P. (Columbus, OH)