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Get The Advantage When Bidding

Auctions are available across the United States each week with hundreds of cars sold. Even if you do not find the vehicle that you hoped for, you may find one better!

Complete List of Public Auctions

Find the closest auction to you with the most comprehensive list of all physical auctions open to the public across the country.


Huge Collection of Vehicles

Thousands of new vehicles added weekly from police, IRS, DEA, FBI, US Treasury seizures & Government retired vehicles.


The Biggest Savings

Vehicles are put up to auction at 90% off book value, with bids starting at only $100.

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Take Advantage of Local Auto Acutions

Find your next vehicle for as low as $1000-$5000

Huge Savings on All Models

The bidding on these vehicles begins at a price below retail value. The price only increase based on the number of people bidding on the particular vehicle.

Reliable & Well Taken Care of Vehicles

Government vehicles are put up to auction once they reach 25,000 to 40,000 miles on the odometer. These readings are still below used cars for sale at the same price.

No Car Payments

Purchase the vehicle cash at the auction and save on not having to make monthly car payments.

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Learn how to locate public auctions, the bidding system, vehicle research and methods to flip vehicles
Thank you so much! Certainly the best customer service I've had in a while. Happy with the way you guys worked with me.
Lori S. (Grand Prairie, TX)
Great customer service and info. I would not have had the confidence to bid without your help. I will buy my next car at auction too.
Patrick C. (Hialeah, FL)
I thought car auctions were only for dealers and I saved more than I expected. Thanks for showing me how to do it.
Rachel P. (Columbus, OH)